SAM Family Offices is committed to your family’s long-term interests.

Successful businesses operate with detailed succession plans, governance structures, complete financial statements and active leadership to strategically manage the company day to day, year after year. This same principle, with perhaps leaner and more efficient processes and platforms applies to Family Offices.

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Our experience

We are trusted advisors and managers to leading global families for almost 2 decades.

Our success

We serve the world's premier Family Offices since 1999. Our value proposition is based on deep long term relationships.

Three Pillars of the Family Office Value Proposition

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Wealth Ownership & Purpose

  • Who are we as a family?
  • What is our overall strategy and mission?
  • What are our core principles and values?
  • How do we make decisions and what roles do different family members play?
  • What are our plans for succession and preparation of the next generation?
  • What do we own and how do we own it?

Wealth Resources & Structures

  • What does our network of providers look like?
  • How does this network align with what we are trying to accomplish and how we want to make decisions?
  • Do we have the right set of providers? Are we buying only the products and services we need, at the right price?
  • What does the big picture of our investments look like? Is it aligned with our objectives?
  • Are our estate planning structures up to date and in line with the overall strategy?
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Wealth Management

  • How are we progressing towards our objectives?
  • How are our investments performing?
  • Is our overall net-worth increasing? Or decreasing?
  • Do we have the right investments?
  • Is our asset allocation current and does it meet our risk vs rewards objective?
  • How much are we paying – all in – for our wealth management services?
  • Is everything we are doing aligning with our objectives and our plan?
  • Do we have the right risk management tools in place?